Home of Suspense: Upcoming Movie Thrillers in 2015


Next in our Home of Suspense series, we bring you the very best of the thrillers that are set to hit cinemas in 2015. Take a look below at the cinematic delights that are sure to chill, thrill and keep you perched don the edge of your seats next year. Read more…

Catch A Santa!


We have a new & exciting promotion for you this Christmas!

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Read more…

VIP Charity Campaign


The Ebola crisis in Liberia and Sierra Leone shocked the world and we wanted to find a way that we, and our VIPs, could help in the fight against this terrible virus.

From December 1-2, 2014, we ran a campaign to help support a charity doing invaluable work in the fight against Ebola. Read more…

The Top 5 Music Festivals in 2015


Music is the gateway to emotion. It can make you feel happy, sad and can remind you of times past. One of the best ways to experience music is to listen to it live, with thousands of other people.
Continuing with our Home of Suspense series, we’re calling out to all the music fans out there by listing our most anticipated music festivals of 2015, guaranteed to suit every music taste! Read more…

The best viral videos of 2014… COMBINED!


Christmas & New Year’s are always the most exciting times!

A wild combo of the excitement that builds towards the presents we’ll get, and the thrilling anticipation of a whole new year to come.

But before we throw out the old & jump on the new ride of 2015,  let’s have a taste of some of the most viral & exciting YouTube clips of 2014… Read more…

Socks & Dan Brown Books Voted The Worst Christmas Presents


There were few more exhilarating experiences than waking up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning and thoroughly annoying your parents at how early you wanted to open your presents. We’d waited so long! Oh, the suspense!

Reminiscing over the Christmas period got us thinking about our favourite ever presents. Come to think of it, what about our worst ever presents?

We decided to ask the public about their Christmas experiences in the #HomeOfSuspense! Read more…

Stats prove people prefer Christmas dinner to presents!


The holidays are coming and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s just a magical time when it is socially acceptable to wear terrible jumpers and eat After Eights in the early afternoon.

We asked 1,000 people what they were looking forward the most this Christmas: Read more…

We asked 1,000 Americans ‘Who is the Prime Minister of the UK’


Just for fun, we asked 1,000 Americans if they knew who the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was. Read more…

Where’s Santa?!

This year Santa’s going to extreme lengths to deliver his presents!

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Redd Pepper vs Twitter!


Redd Pepper vs Twitter. Tomorrow (12.12.14). Read more…