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That Winning Rush


The Home of Suspense has developed a rather eye-spinning infographic that is designed to enlighten you on how your body physically reacts to gambling in a casino. For example, Read more…

Underrated Thrillers on Netflix


Continuing with our Home of Suspense series, we are turning our attention now to the untapped resource that is Netflix. Read more…

Top 5 places to get an adrenaline rush in the UK


Nothing beats the feeling of an adrenaline rush. It’s what makes people take risks and push past their normal comfort zone. The bigger the risk, the braver you have to be. Read more…

Alton Towers voted best theme park in the UK


We’re massive theme park fans here at the Home of Suspense – who doesn’t love a good rollercoaster? The UK has some terrific parks with thrilling rides and we were interested to hear what parks you preferred.

We asked 1,000 people ‘What is the best theme park in the UK?Read more…

The 10 Best WWF Attitude Era Entrances


There was really something special about the WWF Attitude Era. The spectacle, the music, the showmanship – and that was just the entrances!
So here we go. The 10 most glorious entrances from the WWF Attitude Era. Read more…

Will 2015 be YOUR lucky year?

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When will you hit the jackpot… roll your lucky roulette number… beat the blackjack dealer!? Read more…


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Hello spinners! It’s 2015, and we bring you a new year with new beginnings and new casino promotions ready the keep you gripping on to the edge of your seat! Let’s start with our brand new & exclusive END OF MONTH CASH GIVE-AWAY where you get to compete in exciting, time-challenge tasks against other casino players to win big cash prizes! Fastest times win the big bucks! Read more…

5 ways to make your wishes come true!

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Want to make your wishes come true? We found 5 perfect ways to do so! (Divider)

There’s nothing more exciting than making a wish. That little thrill-like-feeling the moment you make your wish is priceless, even if it doesn’t come true in the end.

As a place that creates thrilling & exciting moments to all our players each day, we also know a thing or two about “luck-summoning”, and we gathered the best 5 ways to make your wishes come true!

  1. Throw a coin into a wishing well (Worldwide belief)
    This will surely bring you luck – if you collect all of the coins at the bottom of the well when no one is looking!
  2. Spill wine on the table (Portugal belief)
    Okay, we know you’d prefer to be drinking it rather than spilling it, but every cloud has a silver lining! Spilling wine can definitely bring you good luck – if you clean it up before your wife finds out you got stains all over her grandma’s tablecloth!
  3. Rub a lucky charm (Worldwide belief)
    This could bring you some luck – if you’re a rabbit masseuse and getting paid for it to fulfill your expensive desires (of course you’ll have to catch the critter first!).
  4. Wear your lucky underpants (We all do it)
    Forget ‘commando style’, wearing your lucky undies will surely bring you some luck – but that’s a subject for another article…
  5. Enter our iWISH promotion (Do it now!)
    Facebook_Cover Iwish
    No ifs, no buts, no lucky charms needed – this can definitely bring you some luck!
    We will grant 3 lucky people their wish – so go on to our FB page, make a wish & maybe you’ll be 1 of our 3 lucky wishes winners!
    We will announce the 3 winners on our FB page & they will have 2 days to contact us and claim their prize.


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Turn the mundane into the magnificent!

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