What’s the biggest gamble you’ve ever taken?

We were curious to find out what the British public have been gambling on – we’re not talking simple casino bets here, these gambles could be life changing events such as choosing a new career.
1,000 people were surveyed using Google’s consumer surveys and there was quite the mix of answers!

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The 5 Best Film Intros Ever

Screenwriters are told that they need to make the first ten pages of their script pop as they may be the only pages that an agent or producer will read. But we know that the intro can instantly capture the viewer’s interest with carefully crafted storytelling. With this in mind, we have created a list of the top five openings in film history, where the first 10 pages wouldn’t ever be enough. Read more…

The Ultimate Apprentice Quiz

Welcome to the Home of Suspense!

You may have noticed the brand spanking new section in 888casino’s SPIN Magazine. Here you can find the very best in home entertainment, bringing you up to speed with the most thrilling and suspenseful releases on the big and small screen.

We begin the Home of Suspense with a quiz on the phenomenal BBC show, The Apprentice. It’s the 100% car crash, hide-behind-the-cushion tension which makes The Apprentice absolutely unmissable.

If you’ve been paying attention to the season so far, you will remember those over-the-top quotes contestants use to introduce themselves – but can you tell which of these quotes are real and which we made up?

Apprentice Series 10 Quiz

Be sure to share your results on Facebook and Twitter – did you get Hired or Fired?

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